Financial Management

When it comes to liquidating receivables, DAL can provide a plethora of options presenting as your borrower, the lender (you), or the third party collector (DAL). Of course, our offerings are not one size fits all and will be customized to meet your needs. - You give us the facts; we’ll prepare the solution.

Asset-Based Lenders.

DAL can assist with third party liquidation if you already have the portfolio under your control. Alternatively, with your recommendation and request, we can assist your borrower with their portfolio that’s beyond your aging limits.


With recourse, at your recommendation and request, DAL will assist your borrower in collecting 90-day-old accounts. Without recourse, we are a third party extension of your credit department.

Turnaround Manager.

DAL will counsel, assist, and provide recovery solutions—anytime, anywhere, for any amount, in any industry. We can be your partner in pre-presentation or post-resolution.

Commercial Collection Updates.  

Choose DAL for your financial management services and receive daily information on each file and monthly management reports along with access to our world-wide network of attorneys. Also, receive access to our exclusive online Client Service Center that allows you to create custom reports and view the collection and financial activity on each and every file placed for collection with DAL.


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