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How does a collection agency work?

Collection agencies are hired by companies that need to collect past due receivables. They only get paid if they are able to collect for their clients and take a percentage of the received collection as payment.

When should I use a collection agency?

You should contact a collection agency when your customer stops communicating and you are unable to collect on your past due receivables.

How do I place an account for collection?

You can use the DAL Placement Form to place an account quickly and efficiently for collection.

What is the likelihood of actually recovering money from a debtor?

In truth, the answer depends upon numerous factors, including the following: how old is the receivable at issue, is the debtor still operating, how current are client’s records, does the debtor have assets, is the debtor in bankruptcy or other collection litigation, and are there other unsatisfied judgments against the debtor. Some of these questions can be answered by an investigation of the debtor's affairs.

Is it worth filing suit?

Suit is always a gamble as there is no guarantee of a successful recovery. The only certainty in any collection matter is that the client will not get what the client does not pursue. In bringing the account to a resolution, the key is timeliness and persistence. However, the key to successful collection is to place the account in a timely manner, the older an account the less collectable it becomes, as a debtor's financial situation may have spiraled downward.


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