COVID-19 Credit & Collection Resource Center

To Our Family of Clients,

As we all continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, our clients, employees, and partners remain our priority. Please be assured that DAL has taken steps to ensure continuity of service at all times – it’s business as usual on our end and we are continually monitoring the everchanging environment to adjust accordingly.

We understand that for some of you, your venue of operation might have changed as many are now working from home and that faces new challenges. If we can be of any assistance in that regard, please feel free to ask and we will accommodate as best we can.

In effort to pass along current information during the COVID-19 crisis, here are a few resources that may be of value:  

  Coronavirus: The Latest Court Updates and Restrictions   SBA Program Under the CARES Act
  States Staying at Home and Social Distancing Rules    Paycheck Protection Program updates and recommendations
  National Governors' Association State-by-State COVID-19 Resources    Paycheck Protection (To find a lender)
      US Senate Committee on Small Business Owner's Guide to the CAREs Act
  GOVERNMENT RESOURCES    ProBono Legal Clinic for Small Business
  OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19    
  The White House's Plan to Combat COVID-19    
  CDC's Guidance on COVID-19    OTHER RESOURCES
      World Health Organization
  DAL RESOURCES    Leveraging Analytics to Combat COVID-19
  DAL Snapshot - 30 Questions to Ask Now in Credit   COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Cases 
  DAL COVID-19 Credit Managers' Forum    Credit Research Foundation COVID-19 Resources
  DAL Credit & Collection E-Alert     
  DAL Snapshot – Red Flag Warnings    
  DAL Collection Tips    

Looking for more credit and collection resources? Check out DAL's Red Flag Warnings Snapshot. 

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